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MARE NAME ____________________________ REGISTRATION #___________________________


I agree to breed the above stated mare to Feintastic for the 20___ breeding season with the terms being as follows.

  1. A copy of the mare's registration papers must accompany this contract.
  2. Breeding season is from February 1 to June 30, 20___.
  3. The remaining balance of the stud fee shall be paid to Charles Brewer before Semen request is made. Payment should be sent to 37386 208th Street, Wessington, SD 57381.
  4. Mares on the farm have a breeding priority on any given breeding day.             
  5. Mare owner assumes responsibility for all facets of breeding the mare, including costs, and agrees to comply with all breed registry requirements concerning the use and handling of shipped semen.
  6. A collection and shipment fee of $250 per shipment will be charged to the mare owner.   There will be a limit of (3) shipments per breeding season per mare.
  7. If semen is being shipped, collection/processing fees and stud fee must be paid for in full before shipment will be sent.  
  8. Collection days throughout breeding season are Monday - Wednesday-Friday during peak breeding season and "as needed" the rest of the season.   REQUEST FOR SEMEN MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN 4:00 PM CST THE DAY BEFORE THE SEMEN NEEDS TO BE COLLECTED.   Cancellation of the shipment must be made NO LATER THAN 8:00 AM CST on the day the shipment was to be sent.
  9. Every effort should be made by the mare owner to inseminate mare within 24 hours of collection.  
  10. Mares coming to the Sand Creek Animal Clinic Inc. must have a current negative Coggins test.   Mares must be current on all vaccinations and deworming, and foals over 30 days of age will receive mandatory deworming.
  11. Mare owner is responsible for the expenses for the mare's care: $15/day wet or dry and vet expenses (ultrasounds, drugs, etc.).
  12. If mare is brought to the Sand Creek Animal Clinic Inc., there will be a collection and insemination fee of $125. All bills pertaining to the mare's care while at the clinic must be paid before the mare departs. There will be no live cover.
  13. A live foal guarantee will apply only to those mares which are certified by an attending veterinarian to have conceived and carried a pregnancy for 60 or more days from the insemination.   A live foal is a newborn foal that stands and nurses without assistance.
  14. If a foal is born dead, there are return privileges only if the stallion owners are notified within 72 hours of the death and receive a statement confirming death.
  15. In the case that a mare fails to settle during the current breeding season, mare owner must furnish written confirmation from attending veterinarian that mare did in fact fail to conceive as a result of shipped semen and mare will be rebred the following season or an approved substitution will be bred the following season.   
  16. Should the mare miscarry, abort, or be barren, the mare owner may re-breed the year immediately following.   A substitute mare may be bred if the original mare is deemed unfit for breeding or dies.   Substitutions are subject to all rules and conditions of this contract.  
  17. If the stallion dies or becomes unfit for service, this contract is null and void and the stud fee less the booking fee shall be returned to the mare owner.  
  18. Sand Creek Animal Clinic Inc. and stallion owners will NOT be liable for any sickness, accidents, or death to the above mare or foal.   No liability is assumed by Sand Creek Animal Clinic Inc. or stallion owners for the above stated mare.
  19.   Stallion owners will issue a Breeder's Certificate for each live foal born as a result of breeding services herin provided.
  This contract will be governed by the laws of the State of South Dakota.   This contract shall be binding upon the parties hereto.


CHARLES BREWER, 37386 208th Street, Wessington, SD 57381



Charles Brewer
37386 208th Street
Wessington, SD 57381
(605) 222-1379

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